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Time for a Lifestyle Change?

Lifestyle Change with the Help of a Lifestyle Educator

Doctor offering appleFor centuries, patients have gone to a doctor, and either received a treatment right then and there, or got a prescription to take to a pharmacy to get the drug that the doctor ordered.  And sometimes, the doctor would make some additional suggestions like “try and relax more”, “take a vacation”, “exercise more”, “quit smoking”, or “lay off the French fries”.  All good advice, but let’s face it – easier said than done, right?  Patients need a little more than that I think.

It turns out that our lives are the sum total of our habits.  And we all know that good habits are hard to form and easy to lose, and bad habits are the opposite.

We need all the help we can get.

• We need accountability
• Training
• Education

Living a healthier lifestyle by yourself is a little bit like trying to teach yourself to play the piano.  It can be done, but it’s difficult.  It’s a whole lot easier with a good teacher.

Lifestyle Changes at AIH

Betsy JacobAt Advanced Integrative Healthcare, we have Ms. Betsy Jacob, who is a trained and certified Lifestyle Educator.  Betsy will work with you one-on-one to educate and train you on effective ways to improve your lifestyle of eating, exercising, and managing your stress so you can get to the root causes of most of your chronic illnesses.

Betsy is a certified Nurse Practitioner, and has gone on to receive extensive advanced training in Lifestyle Medicine, specifically something we call FirstLine Therapy.  With Betsy’s help and guidance, our patients have lost hundreds of pounds of excess weight, improved their energy and vitality, reduced their pain, and gotten off many of their medications.

I believe that Lifestyle Medicine is the tidal wave of the future.  Happily, it’s already available at Advanced Integrative Healthcare, and Betsy Jacob is your indispensable resource to ride the wave.

Dr William EpperlyDr. William Epperly, Fellow American Academy of Family Practice
Fellow American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy
Member of Christian Medical and Dental Society