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Testosterone Pellets for Women

Testosterone pellets have many potential benefits for both men and women. It makes sense that they would help men, but most people don’t realize that women need testosterone, too.

A woman’s normal total testosterone blood level is about 1/20 the level of an average male. But even at that low level, good things happen. For example, testosterone maintains libido and healthy sexual response including raising the intensity of orgasms. But it also helps maintain energy, drive, good mood, strong bones, mental clarity, and healthy skin. The prevalence of sexual dysfunction among all women is estimated to be between 25 percent and 63 percent. The prevalence in postmenopausal women is even higher, with rates between 68 percent and 86 percent. And testosterone depletion plays a major role in that.

Testosterone levels in women decline steadily after your 20’s. A woman’s average testosterone level in her 40’s is about half of what it is in her early 20’s. Three main things causes testosterone to decline with aging.


  1. Half of a woman’s testosterone comes from her ovaries and the other half is from conversion of hormone precursors done elsewhere in the body. But that changes in menopause so that most comes from peripheral conversion of precursors like DHEA.
  2. As a woman ages, she produces more SHBG, which is a protein in the blood that ties up testosterone making it unusable.
  3. Lastly, the gradual steady decline in the blood of testosterone precursor hormones like DHEA.


If you or your doctor measures your testosterone level, and it’s low, what can you do? You have 3 options, however the first two are most recommended: 

  1. Testosterone Pellet Implants – These are the size of a cooked long grain of rice. One or two are painlessly inserted under the skin of the lateral buttocks every 3-to-6 months. They slowly release the testosterone hormone, and even can release more hormone when it’s needed like when working out. They leave no residual, scars are minimal and hidden beneath the location of a bikini. You can stay on testosterone pellets for many years without a problem, however, I usually have women stop them when they turn 90.
  2. Testosterone Gel or Cream – Compounding pharmacies are all over these days, and that is who makes it for you according to my exact specifications. You just smear it on every day after you shower or before bed.
  3. Testosterone Pills – I do not recommend using these.

Patients report loving their testosterone therapy, and actually often drive long distances to get their pellets! If you’ve been looking for a solution for low testosterone or know someone who could benefit from these therapies, Contact our office today to learn more!