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Making Lifestyle Change Possible

So many of us know that our health would be better if we would just ____________.  (Fill in the blank).

But for a number of reasons, we get sidetracked or stymied. Our actions are somehow not enough to move us far in the direction we want to go. There are obstacles of many kinds, small ones and big ones, internal and external.

Uncertainty Prevents Progress

We lack intensity of effort because we are not convinced or certain enough that the strategy we are contemplating is actually going to work for us. We hold back if we are not sure it will be worth the effort or discomfort. We wonder if the benefit will outweigh the pain or discomfort of change or giving something up. If it won’t, why do it?

So to overcome the obstacle of uncertainty, it helps to bring someone else on board with you to train, support, and encourage you, thereby helping you to get past the obstacle of uncertainty.  And also helps to ensure that the process is actually beneficial or “worth it.” One word for that “someone else” is a “coach.”

Dedicated Support Just for You

Coaching is at the essence of the programs offered in our office that seek to help people experience a new level of wellness. These programs have been put in place because we are convinced that the root cause of most chronic illness is a person’s lifestyle. And we know that changing one’s lifestyle by yourself is extremely difficult, but when you have a coach working with you, your chances for success are exponentially greater.

Isn’t this exactly why so many people these days at the health clubs use personal trainers? So much equipment, where do you start? A personal trainer helps make sense of it all and assists in establishing priorities and action plans, as well as ensuring you do the exercises properly and safely.

Famous football coach, Tom Landry, once described his coaching philosophy this way:

“To get a group of men to do something they don’t want to do in order to achieve what they have wanted all of their lives.” 

You know, in reality, we can all use a coach or two to give us the extra push we need to get past mental, physical, and emotional obstacles in our path of progress. This is one of the blessings God gives us when we meet our human need for “connection” which is one of our six human needs. And through this blessing of connection, two other needs can be met – the needs for growth and ultimately, contribution.

Forum Health Bloomingdale offers personalized health coaching and nutrition counseling. For more information on how to get started on the right plan for you, contact us today.