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Healthy Living: Lifestyle Medicine

Healthy Living: The Choice To Change

“Shift happens.” In this case, I’m referring to the paradigm shift regarding how people try to become healthy and stay that way through healthy living.

This shift will happen because of people’s feelings of frustration about their current healthcare and the economic unsustainability of our current paradigm.

The shift is away from conventional allopathic medicine, to a model called “Lifestyle Medicine”. Lifestyle Medicine is a bit of an oxymoron because Lifestyle Medicine doesn’t involve medicine per se. Rather, it’s more along the lines of what Hippocrates said thousands of years ago – “Let food be thy medicine.”

To quote from website: “Lifestyle Medicine (LM) is the use of lifestyle interventions in the treatment and management of disease.”

Such interventions include:
• Diet (nutrition)
• Exercise
• Stress Management
• Smoking Cessation
• A variety of other non-drug modalities

A growing body of scientific evidence has demonstrated that lifestyle intervention is an essential component in the treatment of chronic disease that can be as effective as medication, but without the risks and unwanted side-effects.

The vast majority of our poor health in the United States is due to unhealthy lifestyles.

The health ranking of the US compared to 9 other civilized nations is dead last. Sadly, the U.S. has the most expensive and yet least effective health care in the developed world.

Healthy living, DrEpperly.comLifestyle medicine gets to the root of health problems. In fact, if most people ate right and followed lifestyle medicine principles, there would not even be a healthcare crisis, and there would be no need for “ObamaCare”.

Fully 80% of the chronic disease burden could be eliminated with the effective application of lifestyle as medicine.

Insurance could become affordable because insurance companies would not have to pay out so much money to fix our self-induced chronic diseases.

Lifestyle medicine has the potential to be stunningly and amazingly effective.

Sadly, most medical schools, who are heavily supported and influenced by pharmaceutical companies, don’t teach much about lifestyle medicine.  Doctors have to get that training elsewhere.

People prefer quick fixes and easy pathways, and that has allowed drugs and surgical procedures to flourish.

Healthy living hard work, DrEpperly.comMaking lifestyle changes takes WORK. And that is a four-letter word. But because it is work, people need other people to help them stay on track. So lifestyle medicine should involve meeting with a professional certified lifestyle educator on a regular basis, under the supervision of an attending physician.

Advanced Integrative Healthcare employs a certified Lifestyle Educator who will work one-on-one with patients to help them get on track and stay on track in making long-term highly beneficial lifestyle changes. The result is fewer meds and better health. Who can argue with that?